OmiScan Gas Analysis Utility

OmiScan Gas Analysis Utility 1.0

The OmiScan Gas takes gas testing to another level!
1.0 (See all)
Omitec Ltd

One of the world’s first hand held gas analyser using Bluetooth® wireless technology with unique diagnostic AND on-road data capture capability.
Measures gas; diagnostically analyses the results; then indicates possible faults on the vehicle.
The OmiScan Gas takes gas testing to another level!
The OmiScan Gas is a fully portable 4 or 5 Gas Analyser designed for workshop and on-road testing.
Communication between handset and control unit by Bluetooth wireless technology allows on-road testing
Snap shot recorder facility allows technician to indentify faults that only occur when the vehicle is driven and is excellent for finding intermittent faults.
All information can be easily downloaded to a PC (Up to 1 hour of recorded readings of all data can be displayed). Included software suggests where problems may exist by using guided diagnostics (5 Gas Only).
Typical faults that may be suggested to the user include for example:
- Ignition Problems
- Air Leaks
- Oxygen Sensor Faults
- Faulty Catalysts
- And many others

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